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When I started photographing lightning almost 30 years ago, I was only interested in getting to "the place" to shoot "the photo." I began to shoot from the safety of my truck because I was getting incredibly close to the bolts. What I realized is that the view from the truck was a simple, valid and recognizable viewpoint.

When people think of the desert they think about the brightness. When I think of the desert I think about the thirty years of deep nights I have spent there, looking for light.

How to experience this web site

Lightning is one of natures most intense and random occurrences. To be caught in the middle of a lightning storm is both a hugely visceral and overwhelmingly graphic experience. Using Jeff Smith's imagery, we have created a representation of, "A Lightning Show".

You can best experience this show by making your browser window full screen and turning up the sound on your computer.

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You can turn off the sound if you so desire.

And if you want to have full control over the timing and direction of the images, you can select "manual control" and navigation arrows will appear on the screen (on an iPad you will have the ability to "swipe" navigate with your finger).

The images appear randomly. To see all of them plan on spending 5 minutes on the site.

Limited edition fine art prints are available through:

Etherton Gallery
135 South 6th Avenue
Tucson, Arizona 85701
Phone: 520.624.7370
Fax: 520.792.4569
Email: info@ethertongallery.com
Web: www.ethertongallery.com

For image licensing and more of Jeff Smith's work visit jeffsmithusa.com

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